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Antara DGS helps our mining clients by tracing their drilling and geological sampling processes,pro minimizing errors and reducing input time while increasing the speed and reliability of the information when reporting and making timely decisions.

Our solution

Our solution

Increase your productivity

of processes associated with drilling, analysis, and drilling storage.

Improve the quality

of the generated information, providing traceability to the process.

Frequent Issues

High margin of error

High margin
of error

Due to recording manually or in isolated systems, such as transferring data through Excel spreadsheets.

Time wasted


In consolidating information in field shift reports.

Low visibility


When doing unified tracking of active or inactive drilling rigs.

Avoidable costs


Due to not being able to analyze and show the availability and actual use of the machinery.

No agility


When searching, analyzing and auditing the collected information.

Low productivity


Due to a high number of manual tasks.

Digitize your fieldwork

Your shifts are no longer reported on paper and Excel. They go directly into a mobile phone. Get digitized data at the end of each shift.

Digitize your fieldwork
Facilitate data analysis

Facilitate data analysis

Make better decisions with a global or single view of all data from your drilling equipment, from productive hours to daily drilling progress.

Real time visibility

Know the location of your supplies while in transit along with their corresponding information and get alerts on possible situations during transportation.

Real time visibility

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