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We provide software that contributes to efficient, responsible and traceable mining processes, promoting sustainability for a healthy planet.

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100% Traceability                    <strong>visibility</strong>

100% Traceability

Get visibility of your operation's assets, online.

Better control of your processes

Better control
of your processes

Control alerts for deviations of critical processes.

Greater safety for the staff

Greater safety
for the staff

Operational support to reduce exposure in hazardous environments.

Higher productivity in operations

Higher productivity in operations

Less time spent on exchanging information; more time spent on value-added activities.

Accessible information


Access to clear and organized information anywhere and remotely.

Secure information


Information is stored and organized by multiple actors and secured by Microsoft Azure servers.

Everyone is connected

is connected

All actors are connected and coordinated by a single source of information. Every module can be integrated with current tools.

Process digitization


Companies adopting digital transformation to their projects may increase their processed mineral by up to 10%.

What do our clients say?

Freddy Ortega

Antara MP is the equivalent to support, security and management for Capstone Copper.

Freddy Ortega

ICT Manager at Capstone Copper.

Susanna Vergara

More than simplicity, it is the information gathering. So, that means excellent support and benefits to the division.

Susanna Vergara

Senior Plant Planning and Marketing Engineer at Gabriela Mistral Division.

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