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The transformation and the work in mining as a driver of development

The transformation and the work in mining as a driver of development

"Mining technology development has taught companies the need to nurture talent like never before. To be competitive it is necessary to be able to relocate talented personnel immediately." Cetemin

Recently, the day of the miner was celebrated in Peru and the United States, an event that, although it marks a stage of recognition for all workers in the sector, invites us to ask the following question: Have current trends been adapted to mining work?

Lucía Muñoz, Human Capital lead partner at Deloitte, explains in the article Global Trends in Human Capital 2021: "In today's world of continuous disruption, it is time for organizations to shift from a survival mindset to a thriving mindset. Making this shift depends on an organization becoming and remaining distinctly human at its core, because today's environment of extreme dynamism requires a degree of courage, judgment and flexibility that only humans can bring."

The main decision makers of mining companies and their suppliers know about it and that the correct development of a work plan makes the difference with a regular work scheme; that is where transformation becomes vitally important, as it is the source of development capable of generating continuous changes in organizations. 

At Antara we promote a disruptive work, which has technology in mining as a key point, but, above all, focuses on people, generating constant communication and using work methodologies that empathize with the needs of each client, who in turn understands their challenges and those of their workers.

Having people who make a difference and generate changes in the industry is fundamental, because they are the assets with which the various mining companies will continue to evolve, in favor of the areas where they are developed.

The possibility of promoting creativity through innovative solutions increases work efficiency, which is our goal; to develop solutions that empower people.

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