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Planning and management of critical supplies in the mining industry

Planning and management of critical supplies in the mining industry

"Mining planning contains projections of income, investments and operating costs calculated for the entire useful life cycle of the mine, thus obtaining the cash flow of the business (...) The objective of strategic mining planning is to identify and measure the maximum possible value for the exploitation and processing of the operation's resources", explains ESAN Graduate of School Business in an article they published.

It is clear that for mining works it is required to be a driver and agent of change, since any planning must ensure that, at the time of managing any asset in an innovative way, change is continuous and facilitates the actions of all the agents involved.

Critical Supplies Management

The Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco), in its study "Analysis of the critical supplies market in copper mining (2019)", defines critical supplies as "those whose supply situation could be crucial for a mining project or operation in the medium and long term. Criticality is a function of the risk of shortages, high dependence on imports, monopoly of supplies, as well as the relative weight of the supply in the cost structure of an operation or project".

It is in this sense that Cochilco, during 2016, developed a methodology to be able to identify critical mining supplies.

Thus, in the latest version of its annual report, the entity listed eight relevant supplies: lime, grinding balls, extraction trucks, loading shovels, drills, Off The Road tires, flocculants and extractants.

All of the above helps with the management previously mentioned, given that the organization also monitors other strategic supplies, such as water, electricity, sulfuric acid and human capital.

Technology as a driver of change and support 

The challenge of anticipating future supply requirements and establishing long-term relationships, especially with suppliers of critical supplies and services, raises the following questions: What is being done to combat shortages? What is needed to ensure adequate planning in the industry?

We are aware that, although we must address different aspects within this area, technology is key and stands as an agent of change to combat this aspect; however, this will not be possible if we do not have the talent and capabilities to develop, implement and manage technologies to ensure the capture of this value. 

In order to reduce the shortage, digitization and automation -through management platforms- become allies to plan, monitor and control, continuously, these and the coming years.

Therefore, from Antara Mining Solutions we have in our Suite: Antara TL (Transports Logistics), because we focus on solving the needs of mining companies in the transportation of critical supplies, because there are control points -proper of delivery management- that slow down the process.

With Antara TL, we generate the necessary traceability to improve reliability in the process and that our customers benefit from a correct adherence plan.

Ensuring the correct management and control of the agreements established within a contract is very important for mining companies, within the productive chain raised in the industry. We provide the necessary facilities so that our clients have all the knowledge, benefits and the correct management of critical supplies.

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