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A people-centric approach to digital transformation is vital

A people-centric approach to digital transformation is vital

"Mining companies will continue to demand technological solutions in the fields of safety of people and their assets, productivity and operational management to address the deteriorating quality of mining reserves." Enrique Molina - Director of Mining Innovation at Fundación Chile

It is a fact that companies in all industries, not just mining, are eager to adopt new technologies that modernize workflows and allow them to analyze more aspects of their operation than ever before. InEight recently launched its second annual Global Capital Projects Outlook report, which is based on research conducted with 300 of the world's largest capital project owners and contractor construction professionals in Europe, North America and APAC.

The report highlights data collection, analysis and reporting (67%) as the main opportunities for growth, although almost all European respondents (91%) stated that their change management experience could be improved, indicating the need for a closer, people-centric approach to technology implementation.

On the other hand, when asked what benefits they expected the digital transformation to bring. More than half (51%) of the respondents answered that they prefer more automation, although 42% are also concerned about the possibility of automation completely replacing jobs, which could be interpreted as people wanting to take advantage of the benefits of digitization, but that there is no clear corporate communication of the intentions of implementing new technologies as well as training programs to develop the skills that will be required in the coming years.

At Antara Mining Solutions we deeply believe that the success of digital transformation or any technological change lies in people, since they are the ones who ultimately know the needs of the company. This is reaffirmed by a study by the consulting firm McKinsey, which highlights the importance of developing talent and capabilities as one of the most important factors for success in a digital change effort. In fact, of its 21 keys to success, three are related to the digital capabilities of the team.

"Companies with winning transformations have a focus on talent development and retention, motivating their employees to continually be learning, challenging themselves and even recommending other candidates they feel are a good fit with the company's culture.Jonathan Acuña - Senior Marketing at Antara Mining Solutions

The likelihood of transformation success increases threefold (x3) when respondents say their organizations have invested the right amount in digital talent. Success is also more likely when organizations expand their talent planning and development. For example, 27% of respondents claim successful transformations when their companies set cross-functional or enterprise-wide hiring goals based on specific skill needs, nearly double compared to those organizations that do not.

Digital transformation seeks to meet objectives that encompass much more than modernization and the use of technology, one of them being getting people to do things differently. And if people are not given the tools or support they need to do this, then technology will not deliver the expected results. Since each person has his or her own needs, way of doing things and way of learning, this must always be kept in mind.

Increasing mining productivity is our goal, but that does not mean that our solutions are not people-centered. 

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