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Antara, the Chilean Mining Tech selected by the StartUp Peru PLUG 2G program of the Ministry of Production in Peru

Antara, the Chilean Mining Tech selected by the StartUp Peru PLUG 2G program of the Ministry of Production in Peru

Mining Tech Antofagastina Antara Mining, dedicated to the creation of cutting-edge technology solutions for Latin American mining, continues to add great achievements in this 2022.

They were recently one of the companies chosen to be part of the StartUp Peru PLUG 2G program of ProInnóvate of the Ministry of Production in Peru, which is dedicated to promoting, strengthening and consolidating innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the technological and productive development of the country.

Since March 2021, the program seeks to attract, support and finance the installation of foreign startups in the scaling stage, which recognize Peru as an attractive market, find value in operating in it and allow the sophistication and/or diversification of the country's economic matrix, this through confinement funds for creative projects and entrepreneurship to multi-industry companies, with the aim of enhancing the technological and productive development of the country. ProInnóvate also contributes to increasing competitiveness and business productivity in those sectors dedicated to economic growth, environmental protection and sustainable development. 

"Our objective is to deliver value to the Peruvian mining industry based on our experience with our clients. Chile and Peru are the most important mining cluster worldwide, producing between them more than 39% of the world's copper production according to figures from the Chilean Mining Yearbook 2021 of the National Geology and Mining Service Sernageomin, hence the relevance of having a platform that supports the management of the finished mining product with world-class technology" Daniel Viñas, Commercial Leader of Antara. 

The Chilean StartUp has been boosting the productivity of Latin America's large-scale mining industry for more than 10 years, with platforms specially designed so that each user can optimize their results.   

We are talking about solutions such as Antara MP, which efficiently manages the logistics and traceability of mining products from production to shipment to its global customers; Sherpath, software that collects and manages components under repair or maintenance, facilitating communication between client and supplier.

In this way, Antara continues to evolve and support the Latin American market, and now especially the Peruvian market, by committing to the exponential growth of its mining market, by offering cutting-edge platforms that support mining companies in their management. Of course, always from an environmentally responsible and sustainable point of view.

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