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What is a critical supply for mining and why are they so important for your production process?

What is a critical supply for mining and why are they so important for your production process?

When talking about mining, it is common to hear discussions about critical supplies, their costs and many other aspects. 

However, what are they? According to the Chilean Copper Commission "Critical supplies are those whose supply situation could be crucial for a mining project or operation in the medium and long term", considering that their criticality is calculated directly according to their impact. For example: demand, possibility of shortage, high dependence on imports, costs, and market position, among others. 

It is thanks to this structure that today we can talk about eight vital supplies for large-scale mining: grinding balls, extraction trucks, loading shovels, lime, drills, off-the-road tires, flocculants and extractants. However, Cochilco also takes into account other equally strategic materials such as water, electricity, sulfuric acid and human capital. 

Since they are necessary to keep the production chain going, it is imperative to foresee in advance all future demands related to supply. This is because today, more than ever, companies must not only ensure the efficiency of the operations, but also the cost structures and the impact that production has on the environment.

In other words, there are many issues to evaluate in the mining operation. Especially when we talk about mining as our main economic driver, which today provides "about 12% of the gross domestic product, 60% of exports and 20% of tax revenues", according to the Minister of Mining, Marcela Hernando.

It is worth noting that the criticality of raw materials, whether products or services, varies over time, which is why the supply and planning areas of mining companies play a decisive role in anticipating market movements.  

Technology, in these cases, is an ally. Today, more than ever, large mining companies need tools that help to visualize, analyze and manage the logistics and traceability of mining products, such as copper cathodes, or maxisacks, as well as components under repair. 

Antara created platforms such as Antara TL, a solution focused on supporting the industry in the management of critical supplies and traceability, increasing the reliability of the process and availability of the input.

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