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New successful project closure for traceability of concentrate product with one of our mining customers

New successful project closure for traceability of concentrate product with one of our mining customers

In order to offer the best solutions in the market, we are always innovating our processes and products, and as part of this continuous improvement, our customers also participate.

Recently, we completed the Concentrate Dispatch Integration (CDI) project, which covers the registration of production, weighing, dispatch, logistics and shipment of copper concentrate in the mining operation, Spence, of the BHP Company, after the end of its SGO (Spence Growth Option) project.

Our best known platform, Antara MP, for the management of the finished product process, over the years has earned its place among our customers, becoming a critical operating solution within the operations of the largest mining groups in Chile. But we know that the needs of the mining industry are constantly changing, hand in hand with new technologies, so it is important to work on joint projects to meet these needs first hand, hence this project was born.

Now, what did this project consist of? Implementing the production, quality and dispatch register, as well as making the transport and traceability of the concentrated product visible. The final objective is to improve its indicators, statistics and information visibility.

The first phase was based on generating a blueprint specifying the integrations to be implemented with all the third parties involved, such as Puerto Mejillones, FCAB, Puerto Angamos, PI and Artikos, among others. A great challenge that involves unifying criteria among several actors, 10 different companies that had to reach an agreement.

With this in mind, in this first stage we made an integration proposal that was validated by the BHP project team. In addition, we developed interfaces and options in the Antara MP platform for Spence. In which we developed the concentrate interfaces, starting with the production record, through the characterization of its quality, the loading in the roto-containers and the generation of a dispatch guide.

For phase 2, which we completed in February, we implemented the integrations that had been presented in phase 1, where during the first 3-4 weeks there was a validation stage of what had been proposed in November and December of last year. This, in addition to including some third parties, who had not participated in phase 1, and achieving a document of this base design. 

A relevant point to highlight is that the whole project, given the global context that affects everyone, has been developed 100% remotely from the beginning and the implementation has followed the same path.

Although remote work and distance is a challenge, meeting with people who are not physically close, gives us the possibility of having this type of collaborators from other locations and also communicating with different clients and third parties who are in other cities, thus avoiding having to travel to those places for meetings and the time saved that involves that trip also allows us to speed up decision making. To this we add the use of an Agile methodology, among other tools, we use Scrum. As BHP is becoming familiar with this methodology in their projects, we were able to have a fairly fluid communication between project leaders, integrators and developers, with daily meetings, sprint planning, reviews; a framework that also makes it possible to make changes to adapt the solution to new needs.

Returning to the project, we completed the development and implementation of the Antara MP system interfaces for BHP. At the same time, we carried out the integration tests with the API Gateway provided by BHP and the communication test phase with the other collaborating companies.

Not long ago, we finished the training phase of Antara MP - SPENCE and Antara MP - BHP, for dispatch, logistics and marketing users, prior to the installation and validation stage in the production server, to finally close the project with the Go Live of this application.

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