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Antara MP, the strategic ally to fulfill the Molybdenum demand of the mechanical industry and construction worldwide.

Antara MP, the strategic ally to fulfill the Molybdenum demand of the mechanical industry and construction worldwide.

In mining there is a variety of products, these come from two types of mining, metallic and non-metallic, in the Chilean and Peruvian markets, within the first category copper stands out, and on the other side we have products such as natural nitrates and limestone.

Among the metals, there is a silver-gray metal that is relatively scarce in nature, which in the case of Chile and Peru, only occurs as a secondary production in copper mines, that is, a by-product, we are talking about Molybdenum ("Moli" in mining jargon), which stands out for its unique characteristics of resistance, durability and its high fusion point (2,610°C), especially in alloy with other metals.

What is Molybdenum "Moli" used for?

This makes it a critical raw material in the production of high-strength "super alloy" steels and alloys that are resistant to corrosion and heat. Its long life reduces the need for maintenance and replacement of machinery and infrastructure, mitigating associated carbon emissions and other environmental impacts. Without molybdenum, it would be more expensive to build large projects, and it is ideal for the automotive and aeronautical industries as well as for the oil industry and others linked to chemicals, electronics and lubricants.

How much is there on the planet and how much is produced?

The current reserves of this metal are close to 18,000,000 MT, and between 1958 and 2018, the world production of molybdenum increased more than 11 times. The Mining Council estimates that Chile and Peru have 12% and 13% respectively of the world reserves and 21% and 9% of the global production respectively, South America would be the second largest producer in the world.

It is estimated that between 2000 and 2018, global molybdenum consumption grew by 87%, due to an increased demand for vehicles, construction, household appliances and infrastructure, which has expanded the demand for steel and, therefore, molybdenum.

Last year, world secondary production had a strong boost and is expected to increase by 6.2% this year. On the other hand, the price reached a monthly average of US $19.1/lb, an increase of 122% compared to the same period in 2020, favored by the rise in oil prices and stainless steel production. This year the market balance would be in a deficit of around 5.8 thousand tons, which is a factor that is also pushing the value of molybdenum upwards.

Having said that, strong demand from the mechanical engineering sector is expected in the short term. In the long term, molybdenum will contribute to projects to modernize infrastructure, participating in the global effort to decarbonize society, so there will be greater demand for high-quality molybdenum-containing alloys.

What are the operational and logistical challenges for "Moli" and how can Antara support the process?

The increase in molybdenum production and consumption brings operational, logistical and traceability challenges. Antara MP, a multi-product solution, allows to increase the visibility of the process from the generation to the delivery of molybdenum to the final customer, supporting the management of inventory, quality, dispatch and shipment.

Having visibility of the product and process allows to achieve compliance with the commitments between mining companies and their customers, strengthening their relationship of trust. In addition, having the information digitally and centralized allows access to product quality accreditations, which means a differentiating value among mining groups.

Antara MP is a platform that allows 100% visibility of Molybdenum and generates controls throughout the chain, up to the end customer and, in addition, complete traceability. It is the solution that has been in use for more than 15 years and is today the most widely used by the mining industry in Chile to manage the finished product. It has enabled greater productivity of personnel in mining operations, designed to obtain and process information at the source either through field devices or through integrations with all types of systems used in mining.

This avoids the use of multiple spreadsheet formats, streamlines the process by concentrating users' efforts on their own activities and not on transcribing information between different resources and systems. In addition, many repetitive tasks are automated, such as transcriptions, field inspections, recording of chemical analysis, preparation of reports with data and graphics, and reporting to stakeholders, such as customs agents, land and port logistics operators.

In summary, with Antara MP we generate traceability and visibility, make life easier for your personnel, minimize loss and errors, and maintain your company's reputation.
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